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Buccaneers @ Falcons: Final Score and Game Review

The Buccaneers repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot in a game that might seal Coach Greg Schiano's fate. Despite facing an Atlanta team missing it's two starting wide receivers, and their starting running back they make Harry Douglas look like the second coming of Marvin Harrison. Despite Harrison Douglas repeatedly torching Leonard Johnson and Johnthan Banks, the Bucs neglect to put Darrelle Revis on him exclusively. This "well coached" team had double digit penalties yet again, and many of them came at absolutely crucial junctures. To add insult to injury Doug Martin suffered a shoulder injury and never returned. Ultimately, Atlanta capitalized on more of their opportunities, beating the Bucs 31-23.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Buccaneers lose to a reeling Atlanta team that was almost as desperate for a win as they were. Atlanta was riddled with injuries coming into Sunday, and many thought this might be the best chance for the Bucs to put up a W all season. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Atlanta did just enough, and Tampa gave the game away at every opportunity.

The offensive offense:

Glennon actually played pretty well in this one. His stat line of 26-44 (59.1%), 256 yards, and two touchdowns is fairly respectable. He did have a very costly turnover on the teams first possession, failing to get rid of the ball on third and long in what might have been the most obvious oncoming blitz in history. He fumbled and Atlanta returned it for the touchdown. Glennon failing to get rid of the ball on time was a fairly frequent occurrence today, as he was sacked two more times in very costly situations.

Vincent Jackson had himself a day today. He saw a ridiculous 22 targets from Mike Glennon, hauling in ten of them for 138 yards and catching both touchdowns. Jackson also had some huge drops and costly penalties though. A mixed day for him.

Doug Martin was having a typical (for 2013) Doug Martin day before suffering a shoulder injury and heading to the locker room. He toted the rock 11 times for 47 yards. Mike James would come in to relieve him with a similar result, carrying 14 times for 45 yards.

Although the Bucs should be commended for taking their shots down field, they still fell into the run, run, pass routine far too much today. Three illegal motion penalties on wide receivers, multiple holding calls and even a 15 yard facemask penalty on Vincent Jackson cost this team a win today. Inexcusable play from a professional football team.

The defense:

The defense failed to hold up for the second week in a row, allowing Matt Ryan to complete 77% of his passes for 273 yards and three touchdowns. There was no pressure on Ryan all afternoon, and the defense failed to get a sack for the first time this season.

Harry Douglas was shut down in the second half, so I'm not sure if they finally made the adjustment to Revis on him full time without looking at the film. Matt Ryan is a smart guy. He seemed to just throw it to whomever Leonard Johnson or Johnthan Banks were covering. That will do miracles for your completion percentage every time.

I've been harping on it all season, but the fact that the coaching staff and G.M. knowingly went into this year with this depth chart at cornerback is stupid beyond words. Some might argue that the $16M that the team is paying Darrelle Revis could have been much more effective if it had been spread out amongst three serviceable corners. Maybe a guy like Sean Smith, who is playing lights out man to man corner play right now for the Chiefs and only making $6M was worth a look.

Overall, I'm just tired of being disappointed in this team. If I wasn't scheduled to write this article I don't even know if I would have watched the second half. I'm that over this coaching staff and front office. I have seen or listened to every Bucs game since 1999. This is even worse than the blowouts suffered under Raheem Morris, because they always make you think they're going to pull it off, only to rip your heart out with idiotic penalties or boneheaded plays. I can't stand it anymore.

I stood in Greg Schiano's corner longer than most. No more excuses. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I saw him screaming at Revis on the sideline. This is a hall of fame player that knows his craft better than anyone. You're going to throw your temper tantrum and yell at him, then you're an idiot. Schiano is the one that's out of his depth. He literally isn't fit to talk down to Revis. He needs to go, but at the end of the season. That way it will keep an interim coach from coming in here and having success. With Schiano at the helm we're guaranteed a top three draft pick and Mark Dominik will have to hit the road with him.

I hope Freeman throws five touchdowns tomorrow night.

And.... I'm spent.