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Buccaneers unlikely to fire Greg Schiano after Falcons game

Greg Schiano appears to be a dead man walking with an 0-6 record and a team that is playing worse every week, but he will likely survive at least until the next game.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost another game, this time to a bad opponent. To make matters worse, their defense was steamrolled by a quarterback missing his top two receiver and his top running back. That is two games in a row where the defense has looked bad. Greg Schiano can't even point to that as his saving grace at this point. The question of whether he will be fired seems to be turning into a question of when he will be fired.

Don't expect the 'when' to be tomorrow, however. The Bucs will play the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night and pulling a coaching switcheroo with just three games before the next game is a recipe for disaster. That would give the new coach no time to prepare for the next game and basically guarantee a loss. It would turn the circus into overdrive with the new head coach getting his first shot on a national stage.

The more likely date of firing (if there is to be one) would be right after the Panthers game, provided they lose that one. That would give whoever's chosen as the team's interim head coach well over a week to acclimate and prepare for the next game. If the Glazers don't pull Schiano at that point, though, we might see him make it through the season. That's not unthinkable: the Glazers have never fired a coach before the end of the season and they might not start now.

There's not much to be gained by firing a head coach mid-season, at least on the field, because there's no time to implement new schemes and the replacement always comes from within the team's coaching staff. In this case that would likely be Dave Wannstedt. To make matters worse, it might create a tough decision for the Bucs if that interim coach did succeed. It shouldn't, of course, as the team should conduct thorough coaching search regardless of the interim result.

Still, the fan base is at least convinced that Greg Schiano should be fired, and it's hard to come up with arguments why he should get an extended stay. This team simply has too much talent for 0-6 to be remotely acceptable.

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