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Dashon Goldson will not be fined for hit against Cardinals

Goldson catches a break.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dashon Goldson will not be fined for his latest personal foul penalty against the Arizona Cardinals, on a hit that appeared to be entirely legal. The hard-hitting safety hit receiver Jaron Brown in the chest, but was hit with a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty anyway. With the NFL not fining repeat offender Goldson, they are tacitly acknowledging that it was a bad call.

Goldson has been fined $130,000 on hits this year and was threatened with suspension, although that was lifted on appeal. The safety has vowed to change his ways and indeed did not have any illegal hits the past two games.

If the Bucs were to lose Goldson to suspension they would face some massive problems, however. Their backup safeties are Keith Tandy and Kelcie McCray, neither of whom could be trusted to start a game. To make matters wore, the Bucs' scheme is heavily dependent on their safeties.

For now, though, they can breathe easy.

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