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Jeff Demps Injury: Buccaneers running back has surgery

Another Buccaneers has surgery.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will lose another player for an undetermined amount of time. Running back/kick returner Jeff Demps has had surgery to repair a groin injury, Greg Schiano announced today. Demps had a number of explosive plays over the past two weeks as the Bucs tried to integrate him into the game plan, but they will now have to do without him.

Recently promoted receiver Skye Dawson is likely to replace Demps as the kick returner, but the offense shouldn't change much on account of this injury.

With Carl Nicks out for an undetermined amount of time as well, though, the Bucs certainly have some injury issues on offense, which is not encouraging for a team that has failed to generate much in the way of a consistent passing or ground attack this year. Davin Joseph is hobbled as well, although he should be ready to go by Sunday, while Mike Williams continues to be limited by a hamstring injury.

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