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Which Falcon would you add to the Buccaneers?

It's that time of the week again: if you could steal any player from the Falcons, which would it be?


The Atlanta Falcons have surprisingly few players to steal this year. Most of the great players are injured, while they lack dominant players at a few crucial positions. The Bucs may actually be the more talented squad -- except for, of course, the quarterback. Incidentally, that's pretty much the most important position.

Tony Gonzalez

Sure, he's no longer blocking anyone. And yes, he's old. But he's still an incredibly useful third-down receiver. The Bucs may have Tim Wright emerging as a possible threat at tight end, but Gonzalez is a little more reliable than him.

Roddy White

He may be getting up there in age and he's not a burner, but he's a really good possession receiver. Pair him with Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and you have a versatile and reliable group of wideouts that can attack any area of the field.

Julio Jones

Well, obviously he would do no good this year: he's on injured reserve. But Jones is as explosive a wide receiver as you'll see in the NFL and an incredibly gifted player. He would improve any group of wide receivers, including the Bucs'.

Desmond Trufant

A young and athletic cornerback? Any time! The Bucs cornerback group is much improved this year, but they could always use more quality and Trufant has looked good so far this season. Young, talented players are always good to have.

So, which player would you add to the Buccaneers?

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