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NFL Week 7 Picks - DLT's Deadlocks

DLT is back on track with a solid 11-4 week. Can he build on that momentum or was it a fluke?

Did our new QB just kill a worm?
Did our new QB just kill a worm?

Hey there folks!

It's good to have a bounce back week! New England bounced back with a big win over the Saints. Dallas bounced back after being "Peyton'd". Carolina put up more points than the Bucs have scored all season (I think, I suck at math).

So what does week 7 have in store for us?

Let's find out!

Last Week: 11-4 73% Upset Specials: 0-0 0%

Season: 61-33 65% Upset Specials: 5-5 50%

Bye Week: Saints, Raiders

Thursday Night

Upset Special: Cardinals 20, Seahawks 17 - While the Seahags are 5-1, they've been winning u-g-l-y. On the road in front of a national television audience and against a very solid Cards defense, I think they might get stunned here.


Falcons 20, Buccaneers 10 - With the Flukins resembling a M*A*S*H unit, I began the week thinking that this week might be a great opportunity for the Bucs' first win of the season. Then I remembered: Mike Smith (.671 winning pct.) vs. Greg Schiano (.333 winning pct.).

Bengals 23, Lions 20 - Tough one to pick, two times I really like. I'm sticking with the Stripes, even on the road against the Cowardly Ones.

Dolphins 23, Bills 17 - The Mammals still are pounding away at the AFC Least. Frank Reich was seen at a try out at the Bills facility.

Patriots 24, Jets 16 - It looks like the J-E-T-S Suck! Suck! Suck! are back.

Eagles 30, Cowboys 23 - After seeing it up close, I'm a believer in that Chip Kelly offense.

Upset Special #2: Bears 31, Redskins 16 - How the Bears are underdogs to Washington I'll never know.

Panthers 20, Rams 13 - Both teams are coming off surprising blow out victories. I like the Pitties defense better than the Scams.

Chargers 26, Jaguars 2 - Could this be the week the Jags finally get off the mat and get a win? Nope.

49ers 27, Titans 20 - The Flaming Thumbtacks are playing everyone tough. Still, the Niners are the better team.

Packers 30, Browns 13 - This was the week I was picking Cleveland...then I realized their playing the Discount DoubleChecks. Nope, not this week.

Chiefs 44, Texans 13 - Man, what in the world has happened to the Houston Redundants? The fans cheering that their quarterback - whose led them to multiple playoff appearances - got hurt? They get what they were asking for. An ass kicking by the Chiefs.

Ravens 26, Steelers 13 - Pittsburgh's back baby! Or not.

Sunday Night

Broncos 37, Colts 20 - I was going to pick the Colts as an upset this week until Jim Irsay shot off his mouth. Peyton Smash.

Monday Night

Vikings 27, Giants 13 - So the Vikings will be "Free Fallin'" this week against the G-men. Just beware Norseman fans...he'll look like Tarzan one week, play like Jane the next.