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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Buccaneers fall behind Jaguars

The Bucs can't even beat out the Jaguars in one power ranking.

Mike Ehrmann

Greg Schiano may believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to be good soon, but he's all alone in that belief. The Bucs keep on slipping in the power rankings, as meaningless as they generally are. This time, though, they've reached a new low.

Ryan Van Bibber has the Bucs dead last in the power rankings over at SB Nation.

Dead last? Tampa Bay's a better team than Jacksonville on paper, but they have something Jacksonville doesn't: Greg Schiano. A shower of boos played the embattled head coach off the field this week, after his team found yet another way to shoot itself in its MSRA-free foot. His team has none of the on-field discipline he thought he could instill by controlling thermostats and (possibly) leaking confidential information about a player. Over at Bucs Nation, they're calling for his head. At 0-5, Schiano's going to quickly lose the support of his players too, if he hasn't already.

Worse than the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is getting ridiculous. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the most talented teams in the NFL on paper, and they're not even capable of beating out the Jaguars. Granted, it's just one ranking, but come on!

That doesn't appear to be the consensus, at least. It's still early in the day so most power rankings aren't up yet, but Shutdown Corner, Pat Kirwan and The Phinsider have the Buccaneers 31st. So there's that.

In other news, I am now looking at being ranked 31st as a positive sign. This is almost as bad as when they actually lost to the Jaguars.

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