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Bucs - Eagles: 10 Things We Think We Learned - Go For Oh Edition

The "well-coached" Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell to 0-5 with a loss to Philly. What did we Learn?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least it wasn't a half second heartbreaker, right?

For the fifth time in five games, the Bucs squandered a first half lead with another disappointing second half collapse.

0-5 is ugly. 0-5 is Yucks territory. Tampa Bay has started 0-5 seven times in their putrid history. They've only done it once since the team switched uniforms in 1997. That was Raheem's first season with a gutted football team devoid of talent.

The other 0-5 teams? Dungy's first season in 1996. Richard Williamson's only full season as head coach in 1991. Leeman Bennett's first season in 1985. 1983 when John McKay's team turned in an undefeated pre-season and a 2-14 regular season.

And the first two years in the franchise's existence - 1976 and 1977, where they lost a still NFL record 26 consecutive games before finally notching that first victory.

Don't look now folks, but the Bucs have lost 10 of their last 11 and that one was against a Falcons team more focused on the playoffs than truly facing the Bucs. Before that was the game where Freeman pulled the Bucs butts out of the fire in Carolina, rallying the team, getting them into overtime and winning it with a touchdown pass to Dallas Clark (hey - I thought we didn't use tight ends in this offense). The last quality victory by this team was on November 11th, 2012 when they beat the San Diego Chargers 34-24.

10 months ago. I'll let that set in while we talk about what we learned.

1. Davin Joseph is a shell of his former self. While I've always thought Davin wasn't quite the Pro Bowl guard many made him out to be I thought he was pretty solid. He's been awful this season as he tries to battle back from his knee injury. Joseph was abused by Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin all day long, several times giving the old fashion, "Look out, Mike!" blocks. He ole'd so many times you'd think Cox was a bull.

2. Joseph wasn't alone. Zuttah couldn't handle the Eagles linemen and linebackers either, getting called for holding several times. Even steady Demar Dotson had his moments of negativity. As a unit the offensive line has significantly regressed. If you want to look for a primary reason why the Buccaneers offense is set in neutral - the o-line are your culprits.

3. You gotta feel for Doug Martin. The Dougernaught is doing everything he can to take this team on his back and make big plays. Martin made several slashing runs against the Eagles for large gains, only to see them brought back on holding calls. Other times, Martin is making a tremendous play just getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage. Two weeks in a row, Mike Glennon screwed up a hand off to Doug, having it bounce off his chest plate. At least the Bucs didn't kill him this week, mixing in Mike James (who looked pretty good).

4. Now to the rook. Not too bad a performance. His one interception was not on him, as newly signed wide receiver Tiquan Underwood inexplicably stopped on a timing route. Had Underwood continued, Glennon would have hit him in stride. Instead, he stopped and the ball hit the Eagles DB Fletcher in the chest for an easy pick. Other than that and the aforementioned fumble, Glennon was able to have a little more accuracy deep and completed 60% of his passes for 273 yds and two touchdowns.

You'd like to see a few more sustained drives and points against the 31st ranked defense in the NFL but hey, the kid's a rookie. He showed accuracy, poise and he's a bit more athletic than we've given him credit for. I don't know who was more shocked at his 16 yard scramble - the Eagles or the Bucs.

5. The hounds are abound calling for Greg Schiano's head, including our own Sander. Not only has Coach S lost 10 of 11 but the NFLPA believes he committed a HIPAA violation by revealing private medical information. If found to be true, that alone is a reason for termination and gets the Glazers off the hook for his contract because he'd be fired with cause. If he was like Sean Payton, had more winning seasons than losing seasons and a Super Bowl on his resume - maybe he gets away with a suspension. But Mr. 10 of 11? Nope.

Personally, I think Schiano deserves his walking papers because folks, he's not very good. He's an ornery jerk who is maniacal in his need to control every aspect of the organization. His players hate him, the rest of the league thinks he's a joke. Then there's this - The Bucs have held a lead in the first half 8 of their last 10 losses. They've had a lead at some point in 9 of those 10 games. Even against Peyton Manning's Broncos.

They've blown each of those games in the second half. A staggering statistic - the Bucs have yet to score a single point in the third quarter this season.

This tells me that the opponents are out adjusting the Bucs' coaching staff. "This is a well-coached football team," Schiano said. Apparently he believes we're stupid. No, it's not a well coached team. It hasn't been since Jon Gruden was sent packing.

6. One bright spot is the emergence of rookie Tim Wright as a go to guy for Glennon. Wright was one of Schiano's Rutgers role players - a converted WR to TE - and he definitely showed off those receiving skills on Sunday, nabbing 7 receptions for 91 yds and he nearly made a juggling catch in the end zone for what would have been the go ahead score. Glennon seems to have found a comfort zone with Wright, so much so we barely saw Tom Crabtree on the field, despite being active for the first time this season.

7. Another player who stepped up for the injured Mike Williams was practice squader Chris Owusu. The Bucs were excited about Owusu in training camp but a horrible pre-season got the youngster cut and on the PS. With Williams down, the Bucs brought Owusu up and he made the most of his opportunity, nabbing 3 catches for 28 yds.

8. Speaking of poor coaching. Yeah, Zone Defense didn't work against the Eagles. Instead of having Revis man up on Desean Jackson and eliminate him, the Bucs played him off the mercurial wide receiver the majority of the ballgame. There were several times Revis wasn't even lined up on Jackson but Jason Avant. Jackson would finish with 6 receptions for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns.

9. It certainly wasn't a banner week for Johnthan Banks. Not only was he diagnosed with MRSA, Banks got torched by Riley Cooper for 120 yds on 4 receptions and a touchdown.

10. Perhaps the Bucs should inquire about the availability of Nick Foles. The kid sure loves Raymond James Stadium. Foles was awesome again against the Buccaneers, tossing 296 yds, 3 touchdowns and rushing for another. And he was facing a Bucs defense that was supposed to be much better. Foles is a career 62% passer with 12 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in seven starts. Foles is 2-5 in those starts...the two victories? You know the answer to that.

Bonus: How did the Bucs finish in those seasons when they went 0-5?

2009 0-5 to 3-13

1996 0-5 to 6-10

1991 0-5 to 3-13

1985 0-5 to 2-14

1983 0-5 to 6-10

1977 0-5 to 2-12

1976 0-5 to 0-14