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Fire Greg Schiano

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should fire Greg Schiano. Here's why.

Al Messerschmidt

Greg Schiano deserves to be fired. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their fifth consecutive game and look like a worse team every week. They have looked like a bad season of As The World Turns this year, and the focus has been on off-field nonsense even though we have plenty of on-field insanity to talk about

"I believe it's a well-coached football team," Greg Schiano said after today's game. "Not well enough. There are certain things we have to get done consistently. We'll get this done in one game and this done in another game, but we're not getting it all together. That may frustrate some. But I'd tell ya if I didn't think we were doing a good job. We need to be better. So obviously it starts with me, goes through my assistant coaches and then through every player on the team."

A well-coached team? An 0-5 team either lacks talent or coaching. A casual glance at the team's roster will tell you it's not the talent. Darrelle Revis, Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, Mark Barron, Dashon Goldson, Mason Foster, Donald Penn, Carl Nicks, Mike Williams, Doug Martin and a slew of pretty good players to help them. How could it not be the coaching?

Greg Schiano is right about one thing: it does start with him. He's the one responsible for everything. And while firing him may not change much about the on-field play, the Buccaneers would do well to send a message to their fans that this is not what they will settle for. These are the same owners who at one point fired Tony Dungy for losing in the playoffs, and Jon Gruden after a 9-7 season. Now they won't say goodbye to their coach who is 0-5 and has more talent than Gruden and arguably even Dungy.

At some point, enough is enough. Schiano has completely lost the fanbase, he's presided over a team that has had bad press coming out seemingly every day for the past few months and his team just made Nick Foles look better than Peyton Manning looked against the Jaguars. Everything about this season has been a disaster.

Will firing Greg Schiano improve the on-field play? Maybe not. But the season is lost at this point. Fans want something -- anything -- to feel positive about. You can't say that Schiano doesn't deserve it. Any time a coach starts 0-5 outside of a rebuild, he deserves to be fired. This is the NFL. That is not acceptable.

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