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Score update: Eagles lead Buccaneers 7-3 after first quarter

The Bucs and Eagles are trading punts after two early scoring drives.

Mike Ehrmann

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got gashed by Philadelphia's offense on the first drive, when the Eagles got a 44-yard screen to LeSean McCoy and a few quick passes to pick up the first touchdown of the season. With a stagnant Tampa Bay offense it looked bad early, but the team's defense soon got back to its usual stout ways.

Darrelle Revis even managed to get a touchdown, although that was quickly called back. He had forced a LeSean McCoy fumble and was down by contact. That led to a field goal when the Buccaneers settled for a field goal on fourth-and-one after getting one first down.

So far, it looks like good old Tampa Bay: good defense, horrible offense. The Bucs will need to get something going on offense to win this game, but they're still all in it. A late first quarter 42-yard punt return by Eric Page has set them up in Philadelphia territory, so they have the field position.

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