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NFLPA says Greg Schiano leaked Josh Freeman's drug program status

The NFLPA is going after Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano, as we come to another chapter in the never-ending Josh Freeman saga.

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Jeff Zelevansky

The NFLPA believes that Greg Schiano is responsible for leaking Josh Freeman's participation in the NFL's drug program and wants to question Schiano, so reports USA Today. The union claims it wants to take separate action because the NFL has never investigated a confidentiality breach and then imposed discipline. The NFLPA has no authority to question team officials or coaches, which is why they want either NFL support or a joint investigation.

According to USA Today, the NFLPA has information that Schiano talked about Freeman's drug program status with other Buccaneers. Freeman hinted at that possibility in his original statement, which explained that he was in the drug program voluntarily after making a mistake with his ADHD medication. Greg Schiano on his part strongly denied that he was the source of the leak.

If Greg Schiano does turn out to be the source of the leak, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should take immediate disciplinary action. I've argued that firing a head coach who breached player confidentiality would be appropriate.

So far, though, these are little more than strong allegations on the NFLPA's part. If true, it may be difficult to prove that Schiano was the original source of the leak and impose discipline.

For now, this is yet another black mark on an organization that has seen a ridiculous amount of leaks and negative stories over the past few months.

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