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Buccaneers' Johnthan Banks could play vs. Eagles, Carl Nicks might require surgery

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers might have Johnthan Banks, but Carl Nicks could be out for an extended period.


Dr. Deverick Anderson said in talking to the Bucs media that in cases like Carl Nicks, where the infection recurs repeatedly, surgery may be required to get rid of MRSA. While he couldn't speak to Nicks' case specifically, he did note that Nicks' infection on his foot was at one point in the bone.

While it's possible that Carl Nicks would require surgery down the line, it's more likely that they opt for another round of strong antibiotics given the fact that there was a good response last time. Of course, the fact that he likely wouldn't be able to play quickly if he had surgery would play a role in that decision. It all depends on whether the infection is still in the bone, which is an unknown at this point.

Nicks is almost certain to miss Sunday's game, but Johnthan Banks might actually play, according to Alex Marvez of Fox Sports. The cornerback has been infected with MRSA but it was caught early, which means it should be easier to eradicate. Still, it seems unlikely that he'd play just four days after being diagnosed with MRSA.

Mark Dominik noted in today's press conference that the Buccaneers would not be the arbiters of whether or not a player would be allowed to return to play. The player himself would have to feel ready, of course, but he would also have to be medically signed off by "discussion panels" that include the NFLPA and NFL.

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