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Carl Nicks Injury: Buccaneers guard suffers MRSA recurrence

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are once again dealing with MRSA, with Carl Nicks suffering a recurrence of the disease.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Nicks has suffered a recurrence of the MRSA infection that affected him earlier this season and kept him out for the first two games of the season. General manager Mark Dominik said that the team learned of the results of the culture of his infection today, via Greg Auman. MRSA is a drug-resistant staph infection that can be very tough to eradicate.

Greg Schiano today said that it was "his foot" and that he was going to leave it "vague on purpose" and refused to say it was an infection. When asked whether it was a setback, he refuted that. So, once again, the Buccaneers have a very tough infectious disease in their building, and once again refused to tell the people working there. Go team Tampa!

With Nicks almost certain to miss Sunday's game, Gabe Carimi is likely to get the start. Carimi himself missed two weeks of practice with an undisclosed illness, but he practiced last week and has participated in practice this week.

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