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Buccaneers ask Josh Freeman to skip meeting

The drama continues with another weird twist: Josh Freeman practices, but is not allowed to attend a team meeting.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 2: Rick Stroud reports that Freeman didn't meet with Schiano until after the team meeting, so, there's that.

UPDATE: Mark Dominik has issued an explanation, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

"Because of all that happened Monday night, Greg wanted to meet with (Freeman). I excused him and told Josh hold tight until 8 a.m. Josh did everything else today. He didn't miss anything. Coach wanted to talk to him about how we're going to move forward with him. Really, that's all it was. I'm the one that stopped him and told him to hold up for a few minutes so coach could get with him at 8." - Mark Dominik

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik asked Josh Freeman not to attend a team meeting today, according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports 1. Glazer even said that his sources think Dominik asked this of Freeman to make other players think he missed a meeting. That's a bit much, but this stuff is just getting uglier and uglier.

Ronde Barber isn't happy with all of this drama, either.

This is a little odd, especially given the fact that Josh Freeman was actually at practice today. If he's at practice, why are you excluding him from a team meeting? It's pretty obvious that Freeman's time with the Buccaneers is done by now, so I could understand not asking him to be in the building -- but to let him practice, but not let him attend a meeting? Why would you even do that?

This never-ending drama really does have to stop at some point, right? Or are we going to have to go through this nonsense every week of the season?

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