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Greg Schiano denies leaking Josh Freeman's medical information

Greg Schiano has denied any involvement in leaking Josh Freeman's status in the drug program to the media.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are embroiled in one of the uglier NFL controversies in recent memory, but head coach Greg Schiano denied any wrongdoing. Greg Schiano noted that he was "100% comfortable" with his actions. When asked whether he was the source of Josh Freeman's drug program participation being leaked, the head coached said "Absolutely not."

Schiano's response to medical information of one his players being leaked was that it was "not good". Finally, it appears Schiano believes that his relationship with Josh Freeman is "not uncomfortable". That's a little surprising given all of the leaks we've seen over the past few days -- including a report that Josh Freeman was banned from the sidelines, and then removed from his own suite.

I suspect that this is all we're going to get from the Tampa Bay head coach on the matter, as he's not known for being particularly forthcoming with any information. Of course, a simple denial isn't going to make the controversy go away -- but then, there's not much else Schiano can do, either. Unless the source of the leak is found, but that's hardly likely.

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