Witty's Way-Too-Early 2013 Mock Draft for the Bucs

Welcome to my mockery.

The rules are simple.

1) I have no idea what the real rookie draft board is gonna look like past the Top 100 guys on the Mocking the Draft SBNation site.

2) I am a bit obsessed with getting CBs this draft.

3) No Punters.

You are free to mock my mock. Once better info can be had, a version 2.0 will be mocked later.

Given the system of compensatory pick selection (based on the give/take value of your previous FA period), I doubt the Bucs will earn an extra comp pick anywhere. And since comps aren't tradeable, that's that.

The table has been copied/pasted from Sander's helpful "This is Our Draft" post. Thank you, bossman.

First Round (13th pick of round) - CB Johnthan Banks, Miss. St.

To all those saying "oh but there's value to be had in DEs and DTs and OLBs this draft" I say SHUT IT. My Mock. My Rules. And the need for Cornerback is higher than those positions for one very good unarguable fact: THE BUCS HAVE NO MUTHASMURFING CORNERS. Definitely no CBs worth starting.

Second Round (44th overall pick) - TE Zach Ertz, Stanford

Need at TE is pretty high especially if the Bucs don't sign a veteran replacement for Dallas Clark. Luke Stocker had a good closing to the 2012 season but otherwise has been inconsistent. There is a possibility the top-rated TE, Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert might slip out of the First Round, but that's always a huge "If". Drafting another CB at this spot might make sense as well, but it depends on how the Bucs worked the FA market to find at least one solid starter.

Third Round (75th overall) - CB Will Davis, Utah St.

I really have no idea who among the CBs might be available by this spot, so there may be better-quality corners at this pick. While I've got us drafting for CB in the First to get a quality starter, the depth woes at CB are severe enough (only Biggers and Gaitor and Johnson are the only ones I like, and only as back-ups right now) that drafting for a platoon-able back-up for any and all situations needing 5-6 DBs in the backfield is IMMO (In My Mad Opinion) a smart call..

Fourth Round (15th pick that round: by now comp picks may affect overall draft spot) - OT Dallas Thomas, Tennessee

I really do think we need to draft an O-lineman at best for a solid upgrade at Right Tackle and at least for depth needs.

Fourth Round (New England's pick, somewhere further down) -S Phillip Thomas, Fresno St.

Safety depth and development - considering that behind Barron and Barber (if he comes back) our S roster is raw and relatively short - means we oughta look at a Safety that's at least over 6' tall.

Fifth Round (14th in round, comp picks definitely messing with order by now) - Best available DT

By this point I'm off the MtD's Top 100 list, so I have no idea what DTs may be left on the board. Just someone who's good at run-stopping and can work as depth behind McCoy and hopefully Roy Miller (need to re-sign him).

Sixth Round (13th in round) - Best Available G/C

Depth/injury insurance needs only.

Seventh Round (12th in round) - Trade bait. Otherwise Best Available Need for Practice Squad

Reasons I don't draft a DE: I really do think our current DE lineup is underrated, and I really do think we'll re-sign Michael Bennett while getting Clayborn back healthy while Bowers stays healthy and shows more improvement to the flashes of talent he's shown this last half of 2012.

Reasons I don't draft an OLB: I think the team is better off pursuing a solid yet cost-effective veteran on the FA for the OLB position that tends to get platooned off the field for Nickel and Dime coverage packages. Otherwise the starters and back-ups we have now are good (save for Quincy Black, who hopefully gets replaced by the incoming FA signing).

Reasons I don't draft a QB: I don't believe in QB camp competition, and the way the QB talent pool is this year - shabby - the Bucs would either have to draft too high for a rookie QB that would cause immediate friction with Freeman in the worst ways or else draft too low on a talent that would need 4 more years of coaching up to even think of getting off the bench.

Reasons I hope the Bucs can Trade Down in the First Round: That's obvious - needs at too many key positions such as CB, TE, ROT and even more CB. Using the Seventh as Trade Bait may be too cheap - we'll probably use that extra Fourth Rounder instead - but I wanna signify the need the Bucs have to make a trade move. As long as the Bucs can trade to a spot where a quality CB can still be had in the First - somewhere between 15 to 22 - and pick up an extra Third or even Second Rounder, that would go a long way towards making sure needs at TE and ROT can be solved in the higher rounds (starter-quality) than the lower rounds (back-up or developmental).

But I doubt it, hence filling out most of the draft with actual selections. Experience regarding Seventh Rounder picks suggests not hoping for an immediate starter but at least someone for Practice Squad development.

So... there's my Mock.

You are now free to move about the cabin and mock my mock. I require that you do so.

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