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ESPN's Ron Jaworski Quarterback Rankings: Josh Freeman 19th

Ron Jaworski has gone over every starting NFL quarterback, and he's none too pleased with Josh Freeman.


Ron Jaworski thinks (Insider content) Josh Freeman is currently the 19th best quarterback in the NFL. Just behind Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford, and behind Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton. That ranking sounds about right to me. I might put him a little higher, but not more than a couple of spots. The interesting thing is that Jaworski is generally fairly positive on quarterbacks, but he absolutely rips into Josh Freeman:

I think Freeman was the biggest disappointment of the season's last quarter. His poor play really reminded me of his struggles from the end of 2011, and seemed to suggest no improvement year over year. He was wildly inaccurate, with his mechanics failing him. He was often throwing off his back foot instead of driving his throws. He has a lot of repairs to make in the offseason.

Basically, this is exactly what we heard after the 2011 season. It's concerning that things haven't really changed, although the 19th ranking suggests they certainly could in the near future. Still, the level at which Freeman played at the end of the 2012 season wasn't close to good enough. He was too inaccurate, too inconsistent and made too many poor decisions. I think we've said that he would have to show up and prove himself for two years now, but it seems we'll continue to say that going into 2013.