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Buccaneers hire Tony Oden as defensive backs coach

Sam Greenwood

According to the trustworthy, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Tony Oden to become their new defensive backs coach. This has been confirmed by Rick Stroud.The Bucs have been looking for a new secondary coach since allowing Ron Cooper to leave, also known as plain ol' firing the guy.

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Tony Oden was the Jacksonville Jaguars' defensive backs coach last season, after spending five seasons with the New Orleans Saints as assistant secondary coach, and one season as secondary coach.He left both the Jaguars and the Saints after the teams hired new defensive coordinators, who brought in their own staffs.

Oden's track record isn't exactly encouraging, although he hasn't had the opportunity to coach talented players at either of his two stops as defensive backs coach. Jacksonville had the 29th pass defense under Tony Oden, per Football Outsiders' numbers, while he coached the 26th ranked pass defense in 2011. By those same numbers, the Bucs had the 26th pass defense this past season. Of course, coaching a secondary while you have no pass rush isn't exactly an easy thing to do. Oden's work under blitz-obsessed coach Gregg Williams will also help him adjust and contribute to Greg Schiano's blitz-heavy defense.

Tony Oden should be the final piece the Buccaneers 2013 coaching staff, which includes John McNulty as the new quarterbacks coach and John Garrett as the new receivers coach.

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