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Pro Bowl 2013 Final Score: NFC 62 AFC 35

Scott Cunningham

The NFC has beaten the AFC in what was a Pro Bowl dominated by one side, but still surprisingly entertaining. Players gave more effort thatn in recent years: they actually tried to rush the passer, and defend receivers. Radom antics happened across the board, of course, but it was a relatively serious game nonetheless.

The Pro Bowl Buccaneers played a big role in this victory. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy played almost all of the defensive snaps throughout the game, and recovered a fumble in the second half. Vincent Jackson put up the first score and seemed to be the NFC quarterbacks' favorite target. Jackson even put up a pretty solid argument for winning the Pro Bowl MVP award with 91 yards and two touchdowns, as well as a pass interference penalty that set up the NFC's third touchdown.

Even though the Muscle Hamster played sparingly in the first half, he scored the first touchdown of the second half. He stole that reception from Kyle Rudolph, but that doesn't matter: a touchdown is a touchdown, and it was a fun play.

It was a good day for the Bucs in attendance, who looked like the stars of the game. It doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it's certainly a lot better than what we've seen the past few years. That is: almost no one making the Pro Bowl in the first place.