mock offseason 3.0 senior bowl edition

Now i have really been doing some hard thinking lately and if we don't get Micheal Bennett to return that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. think about Bennett's contract. he is going to want big bucks i mean like 6-8 million. i say why resign a guy for that when we can get two underrated players for the same price. We start with 30 million in cap room

Lets start with a simple idea cutting a guy who will eventually get cut anyway. we all know it. and cutting a guy who unfortunately got injured and has a huge salary.


CB Eric Wright- cutting Eric Wright saves 7 million in cap space with out paying him another cent and all the reports

are out and he is a goner.

LB Quincy Black- injury or not he was under preforming and he is not worth his 5 million dollar contract.

These two moves save 13 million in cap space and put the Bucs up to 43 million in cap room.


FS Ronde Barber 2 million dollar contract will bring barber back for another season. barber led the bucs with 4 int

Barber is the only guy we need to resign. Blount is a liability with the ball and cant block. Clark will retire. Biggers while he did play good last year i think this offseason will be the end for him. Bennett will want too much money to return.

41 million in cap space left


WR Mike Williams- pay the man he had a great year lets lock him up as our #2 WR. that should cost us about 5

million against the cap.

36 million in cap space left

Free Agency

Sign Cary Williams CB- Williams this year with the ravens has made some great plays in the secondary especially

on their super bowl run including picking off Tom Brady last week. He should come relatively not too expensive a 3

million dollar contract sounds about right. (CB) 33 million left in cap room

Sign Henry Melton DT- The Bears Defensive Tackle had 44 tackles 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. He would be a

force along with Gerald McCoy on the inside and add a ton of pressure as well as maintaining the run defense. this

should cost the bucs about 5.5 million in cap space leaving the bucs with a cool 27.5 million left in cap space

Sign Paul Kruger OLB/DE- Kruger has been essential to the Ravens super bowl run this year adding a great deal of

pressure on the passer. Kruger has totaled 42 tackles 9 sacks a forced fumbled and an int. The ravens need to

work out a deal with Flacco and they just resigned another linebacker. this should be a steal because Kruger is still

a guy who doesn't receive much credit. a 3.5 million dollar deal that would be front loaded by Dominick. 24 million


Sign Kennan Lewis CB -Pittsburgh doesn't have the cash to give him. he will walk and a great press cover guy that

he is hes gonna command about 5 million a lot of people on the site like this guy and i am a believer too. 19 million


Sign Andre Smith RT- The Bengals have some others to resign and that means that a very good guy on the o-line

will become available. andre smith could fix the bucs right tackle problem. a nice 4.5 million paycheck will be sent

out to smith. 14.5 million left

The 2013 NFL Draft

1- DE Ezekiel Ansah, BYU - Pass rusher who can get his hands up or just get to the quarterback very pierre-paul

like. replaces Bennett

2- TE Zach Ertz, Stanford - A great tight end who made a game winning catch for a td against oregon. he is very

good and could be our tight end for the next ten years.

***next we Trade up into 2nd round using 3rd rounder and 5th rounder

2- CB Logan Ryan, Rutgers - Ryan could be our 3rd CB as a rookie behind the two free agent signings and could

be essential on passing downs

4- WR Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech or WR Markus Wheaton, Oregon State - We need a slot receiver and both of

these guys really impressed me at the senior bowl and can really help freeman have another target.

4- FS D.J. Swearinger, South Carolina - Barber is going to retire soon and Swearinger can develop into a nfl starter

6- RB Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State - Bell could replace Blount and would be an upgrade.

7- QB Nick Florence, Baylor -He broke most of RG3's records at Baylor this year and taking a seventh round chance

on him wouldn't be a bad idea.

That's my mock off season 3.0 probably wont happen i am just trying to address needs and tune ups as well as address the cap.

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