Ultimate Fantasy Trade

This is a complete bit of fun and highly unlikely to come off, but it would in my opinion be our dream draft if it did come off.

Trade with Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers

The Bears are desperate for Alec Ogletree, but hear in the draft room that the Steelers may go after him too. In a panic, they offer to trade with the Bucs. The Bucs, knowing that Johnthan Banks is still on the board, decide that this is a good idea and trade down. They get picks 20 and 50 while the Bears get 13 and 123.

Pick 20 - Buccaneers select Johnthan Banks, CB Mississippi State

The Bucs decide they need a second corner, and decide the one they want they need to trade up. So they make a deal with San Francisco who decide they can still get the player they want from 32 at pick 50. So the Bucs get picks 32 and 152 (SF's 5th rounder from the Colts, while the 49ers get 50 and 73.

Pick 32 - Buccaneers select Desmond Trufant, CB Washington

Pick 43 - Buccaneers select DJ Fluker, OT Alabama (not that MD would draft an OT, but this is my dream draft!)

Pick 109 - Buccaneers select Brandon Jenkins, OLB Florida State

Pick 140 - Buccaneers select Matt Scott, QB Arizone

Pick 150 - Buccaneers select DJ Swearinger, FS South Carolina

Our round 6 and 7 picks are then camp bodies at DT and DE.

Feel free rip my ideas to shreds!

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