jBen05's Mock Draft

I wanted to do this a little different. I mocked the teams in front of us for the first round, so you could see why I mock drafted that particular player to us. I also didn't include any trades because that can get kind of crazy. I'll probably do another one after the combine, so be ready!

  1. Kansas City Chiefs - Geno Smith W. Virginia (They need a QB and Smith is the best QB in the draft and I think he is better than Alex Smith as well)
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Bjoern Werner FSU (The Jaguars are one of only two teams to have less sacks than us, so they take Werner. Very good all around player.)
  3. Oakland Raiders - Star Lotulelei Utah (The other team with less sacks than us picks up the best DT in the draft)
  4. Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Joeckel Texas A&M (The Eagles should be counting their blessings as they get the best player in the draft at pick number four)
  5. Detroit Lions - Dee Milliner Alabama (The Lions immediately make all Bucs fans very angry with this selection, but they need Milliner's help just as much as we do)
  6. Cleveland Browns - Demontre Moore Texas A&M (The Browns might be switching to a 3-4 and Moore is a good fit here)
  7. Arizona Cardinals - Chance Warmack Alabama (This one was hard for me. I couldn't decide between Barkley or Warmack. Barkley is more of a west coast QB and Arians runs a vertical offense, so I went with OL because they need help there just as much as QB and there should be some decent QBs available in the early 2nd round)
  8. Buffalo Bills - Matt Barkley USC (I like Barkley more than most and I don't think Fitzpatrick is the answer in Buffalo. New coach wants a new QB)
  9. New York Jets - Jarvis Jones Georgia ( One of my favorite players in the draft gives Rex a new toy to make his defense that much closer to the one he had in Baltimore)
  10. Tennessee Titans - Jonathan Cooper UNC (Titans need interior OL help and Cooper helps them in that regard and they don't have to reach much.)
  11. San Diego Chargers - Eric Fisher Central Michigan (The Chargers need help on the OL and Fisher could end up being the best tackle in this draft)
  12. Miami Dolphins - Dion Jordan Oregon ( Arguably the most athletic player in the draft gives Miami another elite pass rusher)
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Johnathan Hankins OSU (If it was up to me I'd take DJ Fluker. He is a man beast and would be a perfect fit of BPA and need. Unfortunately, Dom doesn't draft OL, so I think we take Hankins who would help out our lackluster pass rush. This also gives us some more cap room since we don't have to re-sign Miller. I also considered Vaccaro and Te'o here. I picked DT over an elite player like Te'o because we need pass rush help more than LB help. Vaccaro wasn't picked because there is good safety depth in this draft and I think Ronde will stay another year.)

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Desmond Trufant Washington (I like Trufant the best out of Poyer, Ryan, and him. It is very close, imo, between the three of them and I would be happy either way.)

73. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - David Amerson NC State (I like that he can play both CB and FS. He represents good value if he is still available in the 3rd and would give us our answer at FS once Ronde retires.)

I think we find a RT and TE in FA along with one CB. I'm hoping for Andre Smith as our new RT, Martellus Bennet as our new TE and Keenan Lewis as one of our new CBs. After hearing Dom talk, I think he stays with Dan-O as the back up QB.

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