Collino's Version of the Bucs Offseason

I would just like to start off by saying I think that this last season was a good start to the new regime. In all but a few of the 9 losses the Bucs were within a score so its hard to complain about the season.

In house resigning:

Michael Bennett- He deserves a good contract even if it means overpaying slightly to keep him in Tampa. He was our best defensive end by far in both the run and pass.

Ronde Barber- He played pretty good in his first season at safety so I would like to see him back in that role next year.

EJ Biggers- As much as it pains me to say, Biggers isn't a terrible cornerback like most of the ones currently on the roster. He wouldn't be to expensive and can be good depth.

Roy Miller- He isn't flashy, but he does make his fair share of plays and does good against the run. Resigning him would help to keep the Bucs run defense at the top of the league.

Legarrette Blount- Put a higher round tender on him. He is a quality back up running back with upside and presents possible trade bait or maybe a team is interested enough to give us a draft pick.

Daniel Te'O Neshiem- A good fill in for Clayborn after his injury. The Bucs should retain his services as a rotational player and pass rusher.

Free Agency: As far as free agency goes we need some corners. A Tight End would be a nice snag as well.

Cornerback: Sean Smith, Keenan Lewis, Antoine Cason, Tracy Porter, Brent Grimes, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are all good options. If the Bucs could sign Sean Smith and Keenan Lewis then the secondary would be greatly improved. Getting one of them and then either Cason, Porter, or Grimes would also suffice, but two are necessary.

Tight End: Martellus Bennett, Jermichael Finley, Jared Cook, Fred Davis, Dustin Keller, and Delanie Walker are the bigger names set to hit the market this offseason. The guys that catch my eye are Cook, Davis, and Keller, but I wouldn't mind any of them being brought in to Tampa. The most likely to sign with the Bucs would be Bennett with his brother and now his former position coach in Tampa.

Draft: I really hope that the Bucs take their first pick and trade back. Getting either a future draft pick(Patriots style) or stocking up on day two picks. A move into the mid to late twenties would get us this and there is still quality talent available. (Im only going to do the first 4 rounds because after that its pretty much guess work.)

Rnd 1: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia- The guy is ridiculous with his speed and ability to see the holes and cut through the defense. He would be perfect for a slot receiver and would round out the Bucs passing attack.

Rnd 2: Best available cornerback. Hopefully being Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State. Getting Rhodes would give the Bucs a future #1 corner and quality depth. If Rhodes is gone by the time the Bucs are up then getting Logan Ryan, Jordan Poyer, or David Amerson would also be quality picks.

Rnd 2(From trade): Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina- The Bucs need an interior defensive lineman who can get to the passer not named Gerald McCoy. This would help the Bucs D-Line to get more sacks as a unit and would help to create better matchups along the line.

Rnd 3: With this pick I think the Bucs need to either invest in a future starting safety to replace Ronde or to get a LB to go with David and Foster. Potential candidates being Robert Lester S Alabama, Arthur Brown OLB Kansas State, or Chase Thomas OLB Stanford.

Rnd 4: Whatever position was selected in the previous round, pick the opposite. Phillip Thomas S Fresno State or a guy like Travis Long OLB/DE Washington State who could develop into a good pass rusher.

Rnd 4(NE trade): Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan State- Even if the Bucs do manage to sign back Blount, trading him and getting a guy like Bell who can be a solid #2 back would be nice.

Other: As the Darelle Revis trade rumors surface, the possibility of Revis being seen in Pewter next year makes me salivate. Trading our 2nd round pick and our extra 4th round pick and securing the leagues #1 shut down corner and a late pick would be perfect for the Bucs. Resigning him to a new contract in typical Dominick form being frontloaded and all money guaranteed early. Say the Bucs get Revis, then with their 3rd round pick get a guy like Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB Connecticut rather than a CB in the 2nd round.

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