Buc Tha World Mock Draft 1st 3 rounds for now!

So I got 2 different scenarios and would love everyone's opinion! I want to keep it simple so im going to give simple explanations because obviously its very early and Im sure my pics will change as will everyone's.Also Im almost positive were going to move up into the end of the 1st round either way!

1st Scenario--R1-- Manti Te'o-LB--I think hes going to drop witch is absolutely crazy and fortunate for us.I don't need to explain his skills we all know hes great pretty much anywhere except dating!HAHA! This way we get a steal we shouldn't be getting and then we can move Mason to Sam LB were he belongs because I think its a forgone conclusion that Black is getting cut so it all works out perfect. I think this will give us the best LB group in the league for years to come.

R1 Trade with NE--Xavier Rhodes-CB--Alot of Bucs fans want Rhodes as it is and have us drafting him at 13 which is too high for him at the moment.Its possible he drops into the 2nd but I think well play it safe and move up to grab him regardless in the later picks of round 1.He fits our scheme well and will be a instant improvement to our Horrific pass defense.

R2 Trade with Cin--Logan Ryan-CB--It might sound crazy to move up twice in the same draft but we did it last year and Mark isn't as good at getting talent in the later rounds.So lets go all out again it seems to work.

2nd Scenario--R1--Johnthan Banks-CB--
R1 Trade with NE--Xavier Rhodes-CB
R3 Joseph Fauria-TE or Jonathan Bostic-ILB

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