WestCoast Mock Draft PART 2

1st round: DT Sheldon Richardson 6'3 295 LBS.

He is an explosive defensive tackle and that's exactly what we need upfront with Clayborn,Mccoy and Bennett. Obviously looking at our sack numbers we need some help. With Clayborn and Bowers fully healthy I believe with this pick we will have a DOMINANT defensive line. Before Clayborn got injured in the 3rd week of the season, our team had 7 sacks on the season after his injury we had a total of 20 sacks for the rest of the season. This will also make offenses take some focus off of Clayborn, Mccoy and Bennett which means more sacks!

Footage: Vs Tennessee , Vs Florida , Vs Alabama , Vs Georgia


2nd Round : CB Xavier Rhodes 6'2 215 LBS.

Xavier Rhodes is a big physical corner at has good coverage skills. I believe he is a perfect fit for our defense. We need a corner that's going to be able to jam his man at the line and make him reroute. Rhodes has the ability to do that and he also has the speed to run down the field with his receiver and make a play at the highest point. I imagine him only getting better playing going against Vincent and Mike Williams in practices.

Footage: Vs WF and Clemson and Vs USF & Miami


3rd Round : CB Terry Hawthorne 6'0 194 LBS.

One of the most intriguing prospects in this draft , in my opinion of course is Terry Hawthorne. He is a big physical corner such as Xavier (slightly smaller) but he runs a 4.4. The kid is quick and also is able to jam his receiver. He also has very good ball skills (He played wide receiver in high school and was ranked 6th in 2009). I believe he could be a real steal in this years draft.

Footage : Vs Wisconsin 2011

Scouting report: CBS SCOUTING REPORT

4th round : FS Phillip Thomas 6'1 215 LBS.

Phillip Thomas is a big playmaking safety. He can play FS or SS. A big hitter and is good against the run. He is good in pass coverage also (Had 8 interceptions this year). I like that he takes chances but sometimes it ends up bad but his instincts are very,very good. I only reason I even think he going to be in the 4th is because of the broken leg injury in the past and his speed may not be "Top end". I could see Thomas and Barron making a great duo for years.

Footage: Vs Oregon and vs Tulsa

Scouting report : CBS SCOUTING REPORT

5th round: TE Jake Stoneburner 6'5 245 LBS.

Josh Freeman needs a Tight End threat and this kid could be a difference maker. Urban Myers compared him to Aaron Hernandez and that's something to me. He has a quick 1st step and runs his routes very nice.

Footage: Vs Akron


5th round: OT ALEX HURST

6th round: CB Roderick Sweeting

7th round: Tyrann Mathieu

Instinctual Playmaker.

Footage : Vs Arkansas , Vs Georgia , Tennessee and Florida , Vs West Virginia

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