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Buccaneers fire defensive line coach Randy Melvin


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers weren't satisfied with the production of their defensive line this season, despite what appeared to be a plethora of talent and one Pro Bowler in the form of Gerald McCoy. The team has fired defensive line coach Randy Melvin, according to Pewter Report. Melvin was hired by Greg Schiano last season, and has spent time with the New England Patriots, Rutgers University and the Cleveland Browns in the past.

With Randy Melvin gone, the Bucs will have to find a new defensive line coach, along with a new quarterbacks coach, receivers coach and defensive backs coach. They will most likely do that at the Senior Bowl, which is to be held next week in Mobile, Alabama. That event effectively serves as an annual football coaching job market.

The Bucs had the third fewest sack in the league with just 27, and the defensive line coaching appeared to play a major role in that lack of production. The Bucs have plenty of talent with Gerald McCoy, Michael Bennett, Da'Quan Bowers and Adrian Clayborn, although part of that talent was injured this season, but lack of execution frequently hurt the Bucs. They failed to execute basic defensive line stunts properly and many blitzes appeared to be poorly coordinated, failing to produce free rushers despite numerical advantages. The Bucs will hope that a new defensive line coach will be able to solve this problem, although the four previous coaches weren't able to solve it, either.