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Mel Kiper Mock Draft: Buccaneers take Alec Ogletree

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Mel Kiper has another mock draft up, and this time he's given the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a, ehm, curious player: Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree. Here's what Kiper had to say about that selection

He missed the first four games of 2012, but once Ogletree stepped onto the field for the Bulldogs, the defense was immediately better. If you saw Georgia and Alabama in the SEC championship game, perhaps no player made a bigger statement than Ogletree, who looked like the best player on the field that day (which says plenty). He covers the field from sideline to sideline, and I think could play anywhere at linebacker effectively. Line him up behind an emerging defensive line and next to Lavonte David and Mason Foster at linebacker, and this is an extremely formidable front seven for Greg Schiano.

Well, I'm sure that's all correct. Ogletree is undoubtedly a good player, but are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really going to use their first-round pick on a 4-3 linebacker when they have two quality starters already? Selecting Ogletree here would turn either him or Mason Foster into a two-down linebacker, while it wouldn't do much for the team's real issues: the ability to defend the pass. Quite frankly, this seems like a wasted pick. 4-3 linebackers certainly aren't high-impact players, and Kenny Vaccaro, Johnathan Hankins, Sheldon Richardson, Ezekiel Ansah, Tyler Eifert and even E.J. Fluker would make more sense and a have a bigger impact on this defense.