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Buccaneers waive G Derek Hardman, re-sign CB Brandon McDonald, hate O-line depth

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What do you do when you have more defensive backs than you could possibly field and massive depth issues at offensive guard? Apparently, the answer is sign a cornerback, waive a guard. That at least is what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done today, re-signing the previously cut Brandon McDonald and waiving Derek Hardman.

These moves leave the Bucs with a ridiculous twelve cornerbacks, and just one actual guard on the team: Carl Nicks. The Bucs do have a few other players who can play the position: most notably Ted Larsen, listed as a center and expected to start at right guard, tackle Jamon Meredith and center/guard Cody Wallace. Still, depth remains a serious issue, and waiving Hardman - who actually has some starting experience - only hurts. Meanwhile, I have no idea why Schiano thinks he needs this many defensive backs, especially so against the Carolina Panthers, who have about one quality wide receiver.