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New additions to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will suck

Shouldn't the Bucs bring in Terrell McClain?
Shouldn't the Bucs bring in Terrell McClain?

How's that for a headline? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done a lot of shuffling of the roster over the past weeks. They've signed new players to the bottom of the roster, cut others, then cut the newly-signed players to re-sign another player they had just cut in some sort of perverse circle of roster churn. That's what that's called, by the way: churning the bottom of the roster. Continually signing new low-end players in the hope that at least one of them will, at some point, turn out to be good. Competition breeds the best in people, I guess.

Every time the team signs one of these players, fans' hearts jump. Can this guard I've never heard of not replace Ted Larsen? Isn't this defensive tackle with 3 total tackles a good addition? Do we finally have a quality linebacker to replace Quincy Black with this journeyman with 4 career starts? Shouldn't the Bucs claim Terrell McClain or sign Bryant McKinnie? The answer to all of those and other questions is, invariably, unequivocally 'nope'.

Players who are available at this point in time during the offseason aren't good enough to even get on the field for most teams, let alone become a starter for the Bucs - or any other team for that matter. A free agent signed off the street is available because his former team didn't want him, and no other team wanted him badly enough to outbid your team. A waiver wire pick-up is available because no one with higher waiver priority (or his original team) wanted him. Good players don't find themselves out of a job suddenly and inexplicable in late August. They stay on rosters.

So when you see that the Bucs have picked up someone off waivers or signed him off the street, expect him to be absolutely terrible. Because that's almost always the case.