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GIF: Vincent Jackson For 54 Yards, Sets Up Touchdown

The Bucs have cut the Redskins lead to just two points, as they've just scored another touchdown, run in by Legarrette Blount. It's now on the defense to hold up, and get the ball back, while the offense needs to get it going again. Well, the offense sure got it going on the last two drives, hitting numerous deep passes. Vincent Jackson got in on the fun with a 54-yarder, and then added a 22-yarder to set up Legarrette Blount's 2-yard touchdown run.

Good Freeman shows up once again. Steps up, throws it deep - and it's an easy completion. That Freeman can be the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all day long. First half Josh Freeman - not so much. As Freeman gets more comfortable in this offense, we should see more of good Freeman and less of bad Freeman.