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GIFs: Mike Williams 65-yarder, Vincent Jackson touchdown cut lead to 21-13

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are attempting a comeback, and they've managed to cut the Redskins' lead to one score. It's now 21-13, and here's how it happened. First, Josh Freeman found one of his receivers deep down the field as Mike Williams ran away from the defense.

That's the Josh Freeman we're all waiting to see, but don't see nearly enough - too often it's indecisive, inaccurate, bad Freeman. He knows where he's going, drops back, and immediately throws it. Easy delivery, easy catch, easy run.

He followed that up with a quick strike to Vincent Jackson for the touchdown, putting the Bucs back in one-score territory. This is the other aspect of good Freeman: powerful arm, squeezing it in between defenders, and Vincent Jackson does what he does: catch balls for touchdown.

One Billy Cundiff missed field goal later, and the Bucs have the ball and are fixing to score again. Go Bucs!