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Pick 6 Football: Come Join The Fun!

Pick 6 Football continues in week four. Can you beat other Bucs fans in the new, awesome fantasy game? Join us in the fun!

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Week four of NFL fun will start in a few hours, and that means it's time to get your Pick 6 choices in. Don't know what Pick 6 is? It's the latest fantasy game, where you pick a lineup of fantasy players every week. It's easy to join, fun and easy to play and you get to compete directly against other Bucs fans here on Bucs Nation.

Last week, jdrama914 was the Bucs Nation winner of the week with 90.9 points. Buoyed by, mostly, Lawrence Tynes and Andy Dalton he got a pretty solid win - but I'm sure some of us can beat this total. I couldn't though: I landed at 74.4 points, despite picking Andre Brown and RGIII. Thanks, Doug Martin and Connor Barth - not to mention Demaryius Thomas. Ugh.

Cracker Ball gives us the full leaderboard over the past three weeks - and JaredHJ is beating everyone. I'm in second place, somehow. Think you can beat that? Join the fun!