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T-Jack's Sunday Morning Pep Talk


Ok boys and girls, it’s time to get fired up for a big game. Here is what I would be saying to our beloved Bucs if I were Greg Schiano giving them their pre-game speech…

"There’s been a lot of chatter about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. There have been some things said that were nice, some others, not so much. I was called a bully. We were called classless. That’s ok though, you know why?

Because the rest of the league has started to realize something. They’ve begun to realize they can’t intimidate us. They’re starting to realize we don’t care if your name is Manning or Newton or Romo. We’re going to come after you and knock you the hell out no matter who you are.

Now we lost last week. We didn’t lose because Manning was so great or because we were not as talented as that team, we lost because we as your coaches didn’t put you in great positions to win the game.

That will not happen this week. This week we’re going to grab them by the throat and we’re not going to let go! This week we’re going to be even more aggressive.

I don’t know about you but I have a chip on my shoulder. People all week have been calling me a bully. You know what… maybe I am a little bit of a bully. Maybe I like to see another team get nervous when they look across the field and see us there. Maybe I like to see receivers drop the ball because they know they’re about to get laid out! Maybe I like to see the fear in the eyes of the quarterback when he knows his offensive line can’t stop us!

Understand something men, we’re not here uphold unwritten rules. We’re not trying to go out there and break someone’s legs but we’re never going to slow down because someone else wants us to give up.

We are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!

Now maybe to some people that’s not as impressive as being a New York Giant or a Dallas Cowboy, but when I look at our logo, I feel an extreme sense of pride to be part of this organization. This is a championship organization. This is an organization that has had hall of fame players. I don’t know about you but I want to be part of that legacy.

Today we have an opportunity. We’re on the biggest stage of all and we’re playing "America’s Team"….

America’s Team is about to get a rude wakeup call because we’re the Buccaneers and we’re here to win! Let’s go show these boys the meaning of Buccaneer football!"