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NFL Network finally coming to Tampa Bay area: Time Warner and NFL reach agreement


After years of the most silly dispute in all of sports, the NFL and Time Warner Cable have finally reached an agreement to get NFL Network on air cable. That's great news for Tampa Bay area fans, who have been deprived of the antics of Warren Sapp Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin for far too long. Yeah. That's it. Irvin and Sanders. Totally what you want to watch every day. Not that Sapp's much better, but I've got a weak spot for the big defensive tackle. Maybe that has something to do with winning a Super Bowl for the Bucs. Maybe.

In any case, if your cable subscriptions comes through Time Warner Cable, as Bright House Networks does, and it should come with the basic digital package. Good fun! Now you can watch Top 10 Lists, overdrawn preview shows and other content that will appear on about an hour later anyway ALL DAY LONG. Enjoy, guys!