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SB Nation United: Coming Soon!

Resized_bucsnation A few weeks ago, we gave you a sneak peek of the future of Bucs Nation with the above logo. That's going to be the logo for Bucs Nation starting very soon, when we move to the new platform of SB Nation United. I'm very excited about this move, as it will allow us to move forward and create better content, present it in new and different ways, and still retain all of the aspects that make Bucs Nation and SB Nation what it is. Here are some of the key features of the coming change, and what you can expect going forward:

  • SB Nation United is going to make our sites load faster - which I'm sure is a big point for everyone on a computer that isn't top of the line.
  • We're going to make sure you're seeing the best context up front with our flexible layout, modern design and reduction clutter. This means that the great stories can stay on top for a longer time, and remain accessible in various forms.
  • Whether you're on mobile, tablet or copmuter, SB Nation United will provide a seamless experience on every platform. No matter where you are, the experience will not change.
  • Most importantly, SB Nation United will not take away or change any of the community elements you love like FanPosts, FanShots and GameThreads.

We've got a whole bunch of screenshots after the jump, so you can get a little taste of what it's like. I'd also advise you to pop on over to The Phinsider, who have an excellent in-depth explanation of what's going to change in the near future and the various features of SB Nation United.

Change is coming, and it will be glorious!