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Tampa Bay Buccaneers release G Derek Hardman, Sign No One

This is a little odd, but it appears the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have waived guard Derek Hardman after signing him a week ago. That, at least, is what the NFL's transaction report says, which they have kindly made available the media this season.

When the Buccaneers signed Hardman, they were in need depth of offensive line depth. In fact, they still are in need of offensive line depth, but Hardman was inactive for Sunday's game and that means it's easy to get rid of him. Oddly enough, the Bucs haven't signed a replacement for Hardman. They could re-sign defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry as they released him to sign Hardman in the first place. That would make sense, what with the Bucs' backup defensive linemen looking absolutely awful yesterday.

In addition, the Bucs have released linebacker J.K. Schaffer from their practice squad. The practice squad now appears to consist of linebacker Jacob Cutrera, FB/TE Drake Dunsmore, WR Dale Moss, T Mike Remmers, G Julian Vandervelde, QB Adam Weber and LB Markus White.