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View From the Opposing Bench: A Q&A With Big Blue View (New York Giants)

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We always give you the scoop on the Buccaneers from our point of view but we thought that it would be a great idea to see how our counterparts at SBNation's New York Giants Blog Big Blue View looked at Sunday's week 2 game.

One of the main guys at BBV, Ed Valentine, was gracious enough to join us for our View from the Opposing Bench segment.

We asked Ed a series of questions that we feel could have a significant impact in Sunday's outcome.

Read on after the jump for his answers! Also, be sure to check out Big Blue View for the G-Men's view on this week's upcoming showdown with our beloved Pirates of Pewter Pants.

BN: The Giants certainly didn't look themselves last Wednesday with Victor Cruz dropping balls and the Giants defense not getting their normal pressure and level of performance. Super Bowl Hangover?

Ed: Nothing to do with Super Bowl hangover. The Giants just did not play as well as they can, and let's not forget that the Cowboys are pretty good. Not to mention the fact that the Giants are not a team that went 14-2 a season ago. They are good, but flawed.

BN: The secondary has been victimized by injuries - who in and whose out for Sunday and how much of an impact to see it being against the Bucs weapons like Vincent Jackson?

Ed: That remains to be seen. I don't think either Prince Amukamara or Michel Coe will be 100 percent. What the Giants really need is for Corey Webster, their best corner, to play better. He had a bad night against Dallas.

BN: The Giants defense surrendered plays of 34, 38, 40 and 48 yds - two of which went for touchdowns. Are there concerns about the leaky defense?

Ed: There are injury concerns at corner, as you mentioned. There are some concerns w/the depth at defensive tackle with Chris Canty on PUP. Really, though, this was one gme. I'm not getting all bent out of shape.

BN: Last year the Giants finished ranked dead last running the football - they started this season with just 82 yds on the ground against Dallas. What has happened to the once great New York running game?

Ed: The Giants just don't have a physical, mauling offensive line. Period. They just don't win at the line of scrimmage consistently.

BN: Hakeem Nicks is banged up - if he can't go - who will take his place?

Ed: Well, Nicks will go. There really isn't any question about that. The No. 3 wide receiver is Domenik Hixon. Behin him are rookie Reuben Randle and veteran Ramses Barden.

BN: Which player on the Giants should worry Buc fans the most?

Ed: Jason Pierre-Paul. Whenever he is in the game he is the best player on the field. So, I'd worry about the guy. He's a monster, and he's getting better.

BN: Do you believe Bucs coordinators Mike Sullivan and Bill Sheridan, former Giants assistants, provide any kind of insight into the Giants' personnel?

Ed: Well, when it comes to Sheridan, no. The guy didn't have a clue when he was Giants defensive coordinator. He was an embarrassment. So, I wouldn't spend any time worrying about him. Sullivan might be different. He knows the offense and the Giants will need to change some calls.

BN: Bucs coach Greg Schiano returns to his New Jersey stomping grounds where he rose Rutgers from mediocrity. What's the opinion up in the meadowlands about Schiano?

Ed: Schiano is a tremendous football coach with a clear idea of what he wants and how he wants to get there. He did a good job at Rutgers, and he will doa good job for the Bucs.

BN: Eli now has two super bowl rings, compared to Peyton's one. Is he the better Manning?

Ed: Eli never has been and never will be as talented as his brother. Peyton is one of the half-dozen best quarterbacks to ever play the position. That said, obviously Eli is a great player in his own right -- much better than people have wanted to give him credit for.

BN: Whats your prediction for the game?

Ed: The Giants are not losing two straight at home to open the season. Giants, 30-17.