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Ronde Barber wins NFC Defensive Player of the Week


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are off to a fast start: winning their first game of the season, and now receiving the first individual award of the season. Ronde Barber has won the NFC Defensive Player of the Week award for his performance in the game against the Carolina Panthers. Barber came up with a sack and an interception off last year's rookie phenomenon Cam Newton. That's pretty good for the oldest defensive player in the NFL in his first year at a new position.

Barber had a pretty good game in his debut as a safety, but despite this award he had a few lapses. Most notably, it seems that he jumped down when he should have stayed deep on the only touchdown the Bucs gave up. Still, a sack and a pick are hard to argue with.

Ronde isn't the only player to be up for an award this week. Doug Martin has been nominated for the Rookie of the Week award. I don't give him much chance to win it given Robert Griffin III's spectacular debut, but you can still vote for him right here.