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2012 Buccaneers Fan Fest and Night Practice

Thousands of fans gathered to watch the Buccaneers for their annual night practice. 

Photo credit: Lee Caswell,
Thousands of fans gathered to watch the Buccaneers for their annual night practice. Photo credit: Lee Caswell,

Bucs Nation was lucky enough to get media credentials for the night practice this year, and although it was a couple of days ago, I've just gotten around to uploading all of my pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sure by now you've read the numerous notes from media members that were there and got their thoughts composed in a timely manner. So, as the news out of camp is late, I thought I would just post the pictures with some of my notes intertwined.

I will say that to me it seemed like some of the guys seemed to be going through the motions in the drills. Whereas last week everyone seemed to really be on their toes, this week I saw a few guys that didn't really seem to be into it. Hopefully Schiano's schtick isn't already wearing thin and these players are buying into his program.

Check out all the pics and some thoughts after the jump.


- The sideline that the players were on and both end zones were full of fans. Most of them seemed pretty happy to be there and quite a few people took advantage of the great prices on concessions for the event. $1 hot dogs and sodas, and $3 cheeseburgers and beer.


- Davin Joseph and Legarrette Blount sign autographs before practice begins.


- Dallas Clark signs an autograph for a lucky fan while fielding numerous questions about Peyton Manning (I'm kidding).


- This is not a small man. I mean seriously, that pen looks like a toothpick in his hand.


- This guy was there.


- Players were introduced to the crowd by position groups. Connor Barth has a promising modeling career ahead of him after football.


- In case you're like most fans and don't know who any of these guys are, don't fret. These are the tight ends currently on the roster (minus Chase Coffman of course).


- Quincy Black leads the linebacking corp out of the tunnel. Hopefully this unit is much improved in 2012, but being that Quincy Black is leading them, I have my doubts.


- Ronde Barber and Mark Barron seemed to be joined at the hip on both occasions I have visited camp. This is promising and safety play should be much improved in 2012. Aside from the foursome of Barron, Barber, Talib and Wright, the defensive back jobs appear to be wide open. Everyone seems to be getting a fair shake at the nickel and dime positions.


- Despite all the hype surrounding Doug Martin, Legarrette Blount leads the running backs out of the tunnel and the crowd goes wild.


- Mike Williams screams as he leads the wide receivers onto the field. He really seems to be having a great camp, and interestingly enough was still fielding punts that evening.


- The new and hopefully improved version of Josh Freeman emerges.


- Jeremy Zuttah works the crowd.


- Rookie Michael Smith soaks in the love. Probably my favorite picture from the whole night. Smith and Preston Parker both had great kickoff returns during the practice.


- "Get your motherf***ing toes on that motherf***ing line!" Calisthenics were interrupted by some nasty weather that rolled in. The team was taken back to the locker room, and fans hid under the concourses so as not to get wet.


- I'm not sure if God is promising us that he'll never flood Raymond James Stadium, or if He was telling us that we shouldn't eat at Chik Fil A, but either way, the rainbow was a sight to behold.


- Doug Martin prepares to leap forward and slap the bottom of that thing. It was a strange drill and all the position groups rotated around and did it.


- The defensive backs participate in a defensive drill (best description ever).


- Davin Joseph teaches Trueblood how to come out of his stance AFTER the ball is hiked.


- Fullback Cody Johnson attempts to impress the coaching staff and earn a roster spot.


- The linebackers converge during a drill as Schiano offers encouragement.


- Gerald McCoy is 100% healthy and is having a great camp.


- An out of focus Greg Schiano watches intently as the Buccaneers practice their from tackling.


- 2011 draft pick Ahmad Black didn't see the field much for various reasons last year, but he is really having a great camp and should make the roster.


- 6th round draft pick Keith Tandy works on his back pedal during defensive drills.


- Mark Barron works on his footwork and prepares to catch a ball thrown toward him.


- Even after all these years Ronde still has some of the best hands in the biz.


- Camp kicker Kai Forbath ruins a great picture I tried to take of Martin Grammatica shaking hands with Connor Barth by walking in front of the camera right as I snap the photo.


- Shelton Quarles signs autographs for some fans.


- Michael Koenen works on his punting technique on the sideline. Might as well do something since he's making all that money.


- Legarrette Blount plows ahead for a few yards before being stopped by a strikingly improved front seven.


- Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan explains some of the offensive drills to the fans in attendance on the Jumbotron.


- Schiano looks on intently as Doug Martin prepares to receive a handoff.


- First team offense vs. the first team defense.


- Schiano listens in as Orlovsky calls the play for the 2nd team offense.


- The sad thing is that E.J. Wilson could very well turn out to be the best NFL tight end in this group.


- Arrelious Benn looks on from the sidelines. Did he show enough last year to keep a roster spot? The team has already shown that 2nd round draft picks aren't immune to being sent packing.


- Dallas Clark shows Legarrette Blount some ball handling drills as Doug Martin walks in front of camera (this was a recurring theme in case you haven't noticed).


- More of the same minus Doug Martin.


- Doug Martin is pursued by a bevy of out of focus defenders.


- Raymond James is such a beautiful stadium.


- The round mound of pound town Carl Nicks and Legarrette Blount protect Josh Freeman as he drops back to pass.


- Night practice from the perspective of a third string quarterback, which was remarkably similar to mine.


- Mike Williams versus Aqib Talib.


- Connor Barth splits the uprights from 53 yards out.


- Greg Schiano is very, very intense on the sidelines. I saw him berate some of the training staff for not being Johnny on the spot with the water when some of the guys came off the field.


"What does Peyton eat for breakfast? Eggs? How many? You think I should try that?"


- Gerald McCoy and Carl Nicks laugh about how they wipe their asses with $100 bills.


- I wasn't sure what this was about, but Donald Penn appeared very unhappy with Carl Nicks. It seemed he said several heated words to him and Nicks just ignored him the whole time. For all I know Penn could have playing around or something, but he looked pissed.


- Lightning and lightning.


- Vincent Jackson looks on stoically after he impresses all of the fans in attendance with a great practice.


- Gerald McCoy exhibits some of the great burst that made him a top five draft pick.


- Eric Wright is just tired and most definitely not drunk.


- Obligatory picture of camp sensation Tiquan Underwood and his hair.


- Lavonte David and Mark Barron look on from the sideline.


- More pics of your rookie defensive starters.


- Penn was still not happy with Nicks the next time I saw them on the sideline. Like I said before, really have no idea what was being said in these one way exchanges but Donald was not happy.


- Gerald McCoy and Adrian Clayborne congratulate each other on a great practice.


- Daquan Bowers scratches his head over when exactly he'll be able to return to the wrecking crew.


- Gerald McCoy smiles at the catcalls of some female fans in the stands. True story. Bowers was cracking up as well.


- Obligatory booty shot for all my boys out there.

Well guys, that's what I got. Hope you enjoy them.