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Tampa Bay Buccaneers waive Chase Coffman, sign LS Andrew DePaola

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have started the week with some roster moves: the team has signed longsnapper Andrew DePaola, and it has waived tight end Chase Coffman. DePaola played college football at Rutgers University, and it's been a while since the team has signed a Rutgers guy. It's not clear why the Bucs think they need another longsnapper, as they have Andrew Economos under contract and he's been excellent throughout his career. There's a chance Economos is injured again, because teams don't usually carry two longsnappers. Scratch that, Economos is at practice and working out.

Meanwhile, the release of Coffman is slightly surprising. The team signed Josh Freeman's childhood friend this offseason and hoped he could live up to his considerable talent, but apparently such luminaries as Danny Noble, Collin Franklin and Drake Dunsmore are better at their jobs than a street free agent. Who knew? Another subject of offseason hype waived before he could show off his skills in a preseason game.