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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hall of Fame Snubs

Matt Ufford and the SB Nation Youtube team touched on the notion of Hall of Fame snubs today. Bill Parcells, the biggest troll in Bucs history, and Cris Carter were two players mentioned by Ufford. Yet somehow, I have trouble finding a single Tampa Bay Buccaneer who was legitimately snubbed by the Hall of Fame. None of the greats from the Bucs' Super Bowl team are eligible yet, while the only real candidate from the olden days has already been elected to the Hall: Lee Roy Selmon.

I can name a few players who were very good for the Buccaneers, but not good enough to realistically be in the Hall of Fame. Richard 'Batman' Wood, Doug Williams, Mark Carrier, Jimmie Giles, Paul Gruber and Hardy Nickerson were all outstanding players in their own right, but did any of them really approach Hall of Fame quality? I could make an argument for Nickerson and Gruber, but they wouldn't be very strong arguments. So, who do you think got snubbed for the Hall of Fame? Any names you can think of?