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Twitter Confirms: Rennie Curran and James Rogers cut

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We've already seen a few cuts, although it's important to note that none of these cuts have been confirmed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Still, we have reports of Mossis Madu and Larry Asante being cut, while Frank Okam hinted at his release on Twitter. This time, we have two more: linebacker Rennie Curran and cornerback James Rogers have both tweeted on their release:

In addition, Pewter Report is claiming that there are reports that both Cody Grimm and Keith Tandy were released. Unfortunately, I can't actually find those reports independently, and Pewter Report for some reason isn't linking to them - so for now, I won't assume those reports are right. Cutting Grimm and Tandy as well as Asante wouldn't make much sense, as it would leave the Bucs with very few capable safeties on the roster.

So we now have five releases so far: Larry Asante, Frank Okam, Mossis Madu, Rennie Curran and James Rogers. We'll update throughout the day as more reports come in. In the mean time, check out our 53-man roster prediction.