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Two new rules

This may be the least exciting post ever written, but if it's NFL news, we've got it here. The NFLPA approved two new rule changes that will impact all 32 teams. The first change is that the trade deadline has been moved back from Week 6 to Week 8 during the season. Some of the pros are it allows teams to have longer to locate players of need as well as providing a bit more injury protection. The downside is, the later the deadline, the more likely a team will trade away assets in full blown tank mode.

The second change is to injured reserve. A team may now put a player on IR at the beginning of the year and put him back on the active roster later in the year. This appears to only be the case before the season begins, though I can't confirm. This could tremendously help the Bucs with someone like Bowers who may be able to play later in the year.

There you go, unexciting news, but news nonetheless.