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Patriots - Buccaneers Second Half Open Thread


The Bucs are up 20-7. The defense is doing well, especially the defensive line, while the offense is struggling after an excellent first quarter. Josh Freeman's footwork has been garbage, causing a lot of errant throws - though I'm not seeing any bad decisions. Our man inside the stadium, Buc Wild, disagrees with me, however.

Also, injuries are bad, mkay? Adrian Clayborn suffered a left arm injury, Gerald McCoy got hit in the knee on a cut block and Davin Joseph's leg got trapped - he had to be carted off. That's three major pieces who have suffered injuries this game. It's not clear how serious those injuries are - McCoy's injury doesn't appear to be too serious, Clayborn's injury is unclear while Joseph's injury looked really, really bad.

So hey, continue discussing the game here.