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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wins: Over or Under 6 Wins?


Debating win totals in the NFL is always fun. So here's your debate topic for today: will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat their projected win total of 6 wins this year? I'll give you Matt Ufford's and Brad Wells' view below in the youtube video, then react to that video after the jump. And then you can let us know what you think in the comments or via the poll.

Under? UNDER? Are you freaking kidding me? Yeah, the Bucs were horrible last year. 10 straight losses, double-digit beatdowns and just a complete breakdown of, well, everything. But hey - that doesn't mean the Bucs are going to tank again this year, because that's what they did last season: they tanked. They weren't overmatched in terms of talent, they were a youthful team that couldn't handle a little adversity, and then played some of the worst football I've ever seen. How likely is it that we see a repeat of that nonsense?

Don't forget that this team started out 4-2 and beat both the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints in those first four games. And during their losing streak they still suffered single-score losses to the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans, and actually came close to beating the Green Bay Packers as well. This is not a team without talent, but a team that collapsed because of maturity issues and a lack of fundamentals. Guess what the team has been trying to instill in its players this year? Maturity and fundamentals. That alone should provide the Bucs with a few more wins.

Still, the team does have a pretty rough schedule, they're in a very tough division and they have a lot of question marks on both sides of the ball, and not all of those question marks will be met with positive answers. Still, if you ask me to put money on this line, I'm going with the over, and I don't think it's particularly close.