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Bruce Allen sucks up to Glazers, says they have "burning desire to win"

I need new pictures of the Glazers.
I need new pictures of the Glazers.

Usually, Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback contains a few bits and pieces that are worth reading. The past few weeks, though, he's handed the writing duties off to various guest writers with some mixed results, as he does every year. But Bruce Allen's contribution, well, that was a real doozy. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager sucked up to every NFL owner he's worked with, even praising perennial laughing stock Dan Snyder. But hey, he said something about the Glazers, and it's worth reading:

The Glazers of Tampa Bay are an extremely loyal and honest family, and are becoming the leading experts on sports franchise ownership around the world thanks to their time with Manchester United. Similar to the Davis family, they have a burning desire to win on the field (or pitch).

Loyal, honest, experts at sports franchise ownership and a burning desire to win. I'm not sure many Bucs fans would have described them in those terms, but those are terms which come up fairly frequently from people who have actually talked to the Glazers or worked with them. Of course, it generally doesn't serve those people to be negative, and it certainly wouldn't serve Bruce Allen. So, take this with a grain of salt, but do keep in mind one thing: at least the Bucs appear to be all about winning this offseason.