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Are there any Tampa Bay Buccaneers who can actually tackle?

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Oh hey, the horrible missed tackle statistics keep swarming in. This time, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Geno Hayes and current Buccaneer Quincy Black make Pro Football Focus's list of linebackers-who-can't-tackle-at-all. OOver the past three years, both of them fall in the bottom five of "tackling efficiency" - which is to say, the amount of missed tackles compared to the amount of made tackles. Hayes missed a tackle every 7 tackles, while Black missed on every 8 attempts. Great, great stuff and an astonishing display of terrible fundamentals.

Of course, the significance of this statistic isn't entirely clear. After all, Sean Weatherspoon posted the worst tackling efficiency rating, but is actually a pretty good linebacker. There's a lot more to linebacking than just making tackles. Of course, Black and Hayes didn't actually excel at those other parts last season either.

Talking about how the Bucs were terrible is starting to get a little depressing. It's as if the team was consciously trying to add the worst tacklers in the NFL to its roster. Of course, the man who added those terrible tacklers to the team is long gone to the Redskins: Black, Hayes and Tanard Jackson were all players who joined the team under Bruce Allen's regime. So maybe, just maybe, the Bucs can start reversing this trend - and Schiano's tackling drill will surely help in that regard.