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Tampa Bay Buccaneers missed out on a fifth-round draft pick for Dezmon Briscoe

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have gotten a conditional 2013 fifth-round draft pick that could have turned into a fourth-rounder for wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe, but a team willing to give up that price never got a call out of Tampa Bay. That's what Adam Caplan noted on his weekly radio show at WCHE 1520. Adam Caplan talked to two teams who were willing to give up a pick for Briscoe, and neither team got a call. It's not clear whether the Bucs called other teams.

According to Caplan, who is a reliable NFL reporter, Greg Schiano simply wanted Briscoe out of the building after he failed the conditioning test. It was clear that he felt the wide receiver was not the right fit for his team. As a result, the team simply cut him - apparently without looking around whether they could get some compensation for him. That's a major failure for the front office, especially considering the fact that they could have known this was likely months ago and could have started putting out feelers out back then. The fact that they only managed to get a seventh-round pick for Brian Price may point to a similar scenario there, although Mark Dominik noted that talks regarding Price had been ongoing for weeks.

Greg Schiano is a hardliner, and that should be no surprise. But the fact that he and Dominik would rather cut Briscoe rather than try to find some value is absolutely an indictment of both Schiano and Dominik. While it's clear that Schiano was the impetus behind the move, Dominik should have attempted to at least trade Briscoe - unless he was told not to do so by Schiano, as it's still not clear who has final say on these matters at One Buc Place.