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Tampa Bay Buccaneers add WR Landon Cox and CB Marquese Wheaton to roster

After a slew of moves yesterday, including the release of WR Dezmon Briscoe and CB/S Devin Holland the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have added two players to the roster: wide receiver Landon Cox and cornerback Marquese Wheaton. The latter is an undrafted cornerback out of Southern Miss, while Landon Cox came into the league in 2011 and spent the 2011 preseason with the Cincinnati Bengals. So the Buccaneers have now replaced Dezmon Briscoe with Landon Cox.

Both of these players should simply be camp bodies, and are exceedingly unlikely to make any kind of impact on the field. The Bucs do have one open roster spot, which they're likely to fill with a defensive tackle after the departure of DT Brian Price. No good players are available as free agents, however, which would mean that whichever defensive tackle they sign, it is likely to simply be another training camp body and little else. Meanwhile, we eagerly await news of the next big roster move by the Buccaneers.