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Instant Reaction - Brian Price Trade

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The news has been broken and partially digested. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded former 2nd round defensive tackle Brian Price to the Chicago Bears for what appears to be a 7th round pick. This comes after an offseason scuffle with Barron and a couple of horrible personal experience for Price. While we typically reserve judgment until all the facts are known and we can distance ourselves from a move, this one seems to warrant a quick reaction.

The key parts from my standpoint.

  • Brian Price was a 2nd round pick
  • Brian Price received a 1st round grade (top 10 if I recall correctly) from our staff.
  • This staff, particularly the General Manager who is in charge of personnel, is the same today as it was when Price was drafted.
  • A 7th round draft choice is typically the NFL equivalent of a kicking tee and a Gatorade bucket
  • The current Bucs defensive line is dreadfully bare

Those are the facts that jump out at me. There could be issues behind the scenes where Price and Barron can't co-exist (complete speculation) and Schiano/Dominik chose the rookie. Price may have mentally been distant based on his personal life.

The part I have an issue with is that Dominik chose this guy, talked him up, and less than 3 years later, dumps him. There is something to be said for getting what you can for a player if you know something that no one else does, which I hope is the case here. Maybe Dominik knows something none of us do. But with his profuse praise in 2010 and 2011 for Price this is a sudden change. I find it very difficult to get onboard with this, especially after calling Price a team leader (before and after he was sent home by Raheem Morris).

So what do you think Bucs fans? Good or bad move?